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East TN Reps Solidly Opposed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

June 6, 2006

Immigration advocates that have recently been lobbying Tennessee’s U.S. senators had better turn their full attention to Tennessee’s members of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Of Tennessee’s nine elected Representatives (four Republican, five Democrat), all but one–Jim Cooper of Nashville–voted for H.R.4437, the immigration enforcement-only bill.  Worse yet, four of the nine (John Duncan, William Jenkins, Zach Wamp, and Lincoln Davis) are members of the Immigration Reform Caucus, according to that group’s website.  The Immigration Reform Caucus, founded by restrictionist Tom Tancredo (Colorado), is a group of congressmen who share similar opinions on immigration issues. It espouses policy positions such as construction of a wall across the entire southern border, elimination of birth-right citizenship, criminalization of immigration violators as felons, a moratorium on almost all legal immigration, etc.  Knoxville’s John Duncan gave voice to several of the group’s ideas in his March 31, 2006, “E-Newsletter,” including these: