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Immigration News

ICE Rejects 287(g) Program for Knox County

ICE has announced that Knox County's application for the 287(g) program, in which local law enforcement deputies perform ICE duties on the local government's dime, has been denied because the agency is not initiating any new 287(g) programs nationwide.  Knox County...

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BIA Issues Precedent Decision on Same-Sex Marriages

Today the Board of Immigration Appeals issued a precedent decision recognizing same-sex marriages for all immigration purposes if the relationship is bona fide and the marriage was legal in the state in which it was entered.

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House Republicans Reject Immigration Reform

In a caucus meeting yesterday House Republicans rejected the principle of comprehensive immigration reform and specifically rejected S.744, the Senate-passed reform bill.  Although House Republicans claim they will continue to pass bits of immigration legislation,...

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Big Moves in August Visa Bulletin

The August 2013 Visa Bulletin has been published and it has two big developments:  1) visas are immediately available for spouses and unmarried minor children of Lawful Permanent Residents; and 2) The EB-2 priority date has moved up to January 2008.  Persons in these...

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Republicans Reverting to Old Ways

Any notion that Republicans learned much, if anything, about immigration from the 2012 elections is being quickly disabused. The National Review, a conservative publication, published an op-ed today titled "Kill the Bill" stating, “House Republicans should make sure...

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