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Immigration News

USCIS Revises Provisional Waiver Guidance

USCIS today issued official guidance regarding I-601A provisional waiver applications by persons who have been convicted of a crime. USCIS had narrowly implemented the provisional waiver policy by finding that the denial of a provisional waiver was justified by the...

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Boehner Closes Door on 2013 Reform

House Republican leader John Boehner closed the door today on immigration reform in 2013, again rejecting the possibility of a comprehensive immigration reform bill in favor of a "piece-by-piece" immigration debate.  Such a debate won't happen this year--House...

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TN State Republicans Reject Immigration Study They Commissioned

Nashville Public Radio  reports that Republican state legislators, in an effort to demonstrate the strain that refugee services place on the tax-paying public, requested that the state Fiscal Review Committee investigate the impact of refuge resettlement in Tennessee....

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Immigration Reform’s Last Chance in 2013

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill yesterday in an effort to keep immigration reform alive in 2013.  The bill borrows heavily from the bill passed in the Senate earlier this year while incorporating border...

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Impacts of Government Shutdown on Immigration

The shutdown of the U.S. government yesterday does impact some immigration services.  Because USCIS is funded primarily by the filing fees paid by applicants, it is almost fully operational with the primary exception being the adjudication of asylum applications....

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