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Immigration News

House Democrats File Discharge Petition

One of the biggest advantages of holding the majority in the House of Representatives is that the majority leaders control the agenda by deciding what bills come up for a vote. The exception to the rule is called a discharge petition. If 218 members of the House sign...

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Under Pressure, President Requests Study on Deportations

Under increasing pressure from Hispanic constituencies, President Obama announced yesterday that he has directed the Director of the Department of Homeland Security to perform a review of the deportation system in an attempt to identify more humanitarian methods of...

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DHS Terminating DACA Status for Subsequent Crimes

Reports have surfaced that DHS is terminating the DACA status of those who commit disqualifying crimes subsequent to the initial grant. In the past, crimes committed after the initial grant would only come to light upon the renewal application. It appears that DHS is...

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Immigration Reform: The Political Piñata

Immigration reform continues to be treated as a political piñata, the prospects seemingly close at hand in one instance and then suddenly being pulled away in the next. Last week served as the latest example. Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner (OH) and his...

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