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Immigration News

Obama Delays Executive Order on Immigration

After stating in June that he would take action by the end of the summer, President Obama has announced that he will not take any executive action on immigration before the November election. The delay is entirely political, the concern being that executive action now...

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White House Hints at Executive Actions on Immigration

Various media reports, including this one from the Los Angeles Times, are citing Obama administration officials in stating that the White House is planning on a significant executive action on immigration before the end of summer.  Details about that action such as...

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Children Arriving at Border Floods System

The news on immigration has been almost completely consumed lately by the arrival of tens of thousands of Central American children, many unaccompanied, at the U.S. border.  These children, fleeing violence, poverty, cartels and gangs, undertake huge risks to find...

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What Will Obama Do?

As I have suggested for months on this blog, there was no realistic probability of House Republicans passing any form of immigration reform this year.  Despite all the signs, only the most optimistic advocates were holding to a thread of hope that there might be a...

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Tide Turning in State Immigration Legislation

This week Florida became the 20th state to allow undocumented residents to pay in-state tuition at public state colleges and universities.  Tennessee rejected similar legislation this year, but the fact that a bill was even introduced and debated shows movement on the...

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