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Immigration News

The Majority of the Majority

May 28, 2006 The majority of the majority.  That's the level of support that Dennis Hastert (R-IL), Republican leader of the House, says it will take for him to bring any type of immigration legislation to the House floor for a vote.  What does it mean?  It means that...

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Details of the Final Senate Immigration Bill

May 26, 2006 Yesterday the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  The bill does represent progess even though it retains many bad elements.  Details of the bill are below, courtesy of AILA.  The bill now moves to the joint House-Senate conference to...

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Closing Amendments to S.2611 Immigration Compromise Bill

May 25, 2006 Yesterday afternoon the Senate considered several amendments to S.2611, the Hagel-Martinez Immigration Compromise bill.  Among the results were: Increasing the amount of fees required by the legalization program by $500.00, raising the total amount of...

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Senate Heightens Employer Responsibility–and Fines

May 24, 2006 The Senate yesterday passed the Grassley (R-IA) Amendment by a vote of 58-40 that will require electronic verification of the immigration status of all new hires, beginning 18 months after the program is funded by Congress.  Employers who hired...

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Reminder: No Immigration Reform Laws Have Been Passed

May 24, 2006 I just want to remind readers that no new immigration reform laws have been passed into law.  The bills and amendments I've previously discussed are all important parts of the debate about what an immigration reform law should look like and steps in the...

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Orange Card Amendment Fails in Senate

May 23, 2006 Senator Feinstein's (D-CA) "Orange Card" amendment failed by roughly a 2-1 differential today in the Senate.  The Orange Card amendment would have eliminated S.2611's three-tiered approach to immigration reform based on an immigrant's length of residence...

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