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Immigration News

Tennessee’s 1st Hispanic Political Action Committee Formed

June 6, 2006 In light of my two previous posts discussing Tennessee politicians' view of immigration, it is fitting to report this news from The Tennessean that what is probably the state's first Hispanic political action committee ("PAC") has recently been formed in...

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Immigration and Tennessee’s U.S. Senate Race

June 5, 2006 The immigration debate is playing an increasing role in the race for Bill Frist's U.S. Senate seat in this fall's election.  None of the four candidates could be said to be in the pro-immigrant camp.  Harld Ford Jr. (Democrat) fails to even mention...

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The New Immigration Question Part 2: Playing Defense

June 2, 2006 Yesterday I wrote about what appears to be a growing movement of immigration advocates who are withdrawing support of S.2611, the Hagel-Martinez Immigration Compromise bill.  This movement points to serious problems in the Senate bill and argues that the...

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Anti-Immigrant Legislation Largely Fails in TN Legislature

June 1, 2006 The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition ("TIRRC") reports that during the most recent General Assembly session of the Tennessee legislature more than 20 anti-immigrant bills were introduced.  The subject matter of these bills ranged from...

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