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Immigration News

House Continuing Immigration Reform Delay Tactics

June 16, 2006 Republican leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives continues to delay the start of a conference to reconcile immigration bills passed by the House and Senate.  The revenue technicality previously discussed was the first volley; Speaker Dennis...

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In Immigration Debate, Stick to the Facts

June 11, 2006 I was heartened to read of the Missouri legislature's approach to the issue of immigration in their state in Friday's Kansas City Star.  In light of the national debate, the state's House of Representatives created a commission to investigate the actual...

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TN Senate Candidates Playing Politics with Immigration

June 10, 2006 An article in Nashville's City Paper described yesterday how Tennessee's U.S. Senate candidates are playing politics with the immigration debate.  In their latest effort to "out-right" each other, Republican candidates Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary have...

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Polls Suggest Immigration Restrictionists a Vocal Minority

June 9, 2006 The Christian Science Monitor reports that polls conducted by the Republican National Committee suggest that all the anti-immigrant noise we hear comes from a very vocal minority.  The 6/9/06 article states that, "The RNC poll tested a number of messages...

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House Considers Additional Immigration Legislation

June 8, 2006 The U.S. House of Representatives considered several pieces of immigration legislation yesterday in connection with H.R. 5441, the Homeland Security Appropriations Act.  Chief among the measures was an amendment offered by Nathan Deal (R-GA) that would...

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Tax Measure Delaying Conference on Immigration Reform Bill

June 7, 2006 The start of the joint House / Senate conference that is necessary to attempt a reconciliation between H.R.4437 and S.2611 is being delayed by House members relying on a perceived constitutional technicality.  The technicality involves a requirement in...

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