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Immigration News

Signs of Movement on Immigration Reform Bill

June 28, 2006 The Los Angeles Times reports today that several Republican senators have indicated that they might accept delayed implementation of guestworker and legalization portions of an immigration reform bill in order to show that the Senate was serious about...

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Regional Immigration News

June 25, 2006 There are several regional immigration news stories of significance today: 1.  A Hispanic activist and community leader and his 18-year old son were murdered in Clarksville, Tennessee this past Friday.  The deaths have terrified the local Hispanic...

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Senate Counters with Immigration Hearings of Its Own

June 22, 2006 In response to House Republicans' plan to conduct hearings on the Senate's immigration bill this summer, Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA) announced yesterday that his committee would conduct summer hearings of its own to defend the...

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House Republicans Hijack Serious Immigration Reform

June 21, 2006 During the last election cycle, conservative Republicans implemented a strategy to motivate their base to vote on election day:  find the social issue that the base is currently hot about and make the entire election turn on that particular issue.  In...

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