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Immigration News

Immigration A Complex Issue For Economists Too

July 9, 2006 We've heard many times over the past few months that immigration is a complex issue and it's true.  Immigration is a difficult subject because it is not reducible to a single factor; rather, immigration in America stirs our national history, economic...

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Bush Considers Enforcement First Immigration Plan

July 5, 2006 On the day that Congress begins a series of immigration hearings around the country, it is being reported that President Bush has indicated a willingness to enter into a compromise with House Republicans that could be described as "enforcement first." ...

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World Cup Soccer Shows Immigration is Worldwide Phenomenon

July 5, 2006 A fascinating article in the International Herald Tribune examines the impact of immigration on the World Cup soccer tournament currently being held in Germany.  The World Cup, like the Olympics, is a competition among national teams:  this week's...

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Immigration Fight Moves From the Streets to the Voting Booths

July 1, 2006 The race for Utah's 3rd district seat in the House of Representatives revealed that the fight over immigration reform is moving from the streets to the voting booths.  Immigration restrictionists, led by Tom Tancredo (R-CO), are identifying and supporting...

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Senate Resolves Procedural Hurdle to Immigration Bill

June 30, 2006 The Senate has agreed on a plan to overcome a procedural obstacle that House Republicans had been using as a reason to not enter into a conference on their respective immigration bills.  The problem was based on a provision in the Senate bill that...

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Immigration Restrictionist Candidate Loses Utah Election

June 28, 2006 Incumbent Chris Cannon (R-UT) handily defeated Republican challenger John Jacob in Tuesday's primary election for Utah's 3rd District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The race was widely considered a bellwether on the immigration issue, as the...

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