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Immigration News

USCIS Changing Naturalization Exam

November 14, 2006 U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services has announced that it is testing a new format for the examinations taken in the naturalization process.  The new test will feel less like a historical trivia game and test more on concepts such as, What is...

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Immigration Restrictionists Suffer in Mid-Term Elections

November 9, 2006 For several months I have been advising clients that the results of this week's mid-term elections would be very important for the chances of any type of comprehensive immigration reform in the near future.  Well--good news!  Most observers (like...

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New Website Observes Impact of Immigration on 2006 Elections

October 25, 2006 Immigration has been hotly debated this year, greatly due to the fact that 2006 is an election year. A new website, Immigration2006.org, launches today with the purpose of observing the true impact that the immigration issue has on local and national...

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2006 The Year of the Fence

October 2, 2006 With Congress taking October off to campaign for November elections, this Congressional session comes to a close without having meaningfully addressed the immigration question.  Despite a presidential proposal, a comprehensive Senate bill, and...

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Nashville Considers English-Only Requirement

September 18, 2006 A Nashville city councilman has introduced a bill that would make English the official language of Davidson County and impose an English-only language requirement for city functions.  The Tennessean reports on the possible challenges to such a bill...

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