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Immigration News

Hundreds of Amendments to S.744 Submitted

Today was the deadline for the Senate Judiciary Committee to submit proposed amendments to the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act and more than two hundred such amendments were filed.  Though several amendments were filed to...

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Immigration: All About The Politics

It's been a pretty remarkable year in immigration politics.  A year ago, the Republican primaries pushed Mitt Romney to advocate "self-deportation" as his principal strategy to the immigration issue--a strategy endorsing Arizona and Alabama-type state legislation...

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Immigration Reform Update

Immigration reform has been all over the news since Obama's re-election.  Groups in both chambers of Congress report that they are very close to releasing immigration bills.  Remember that the introduction of a bill is the starting point of the process.  Each chamber...

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Provisional Hardship Waiver Now In Effect

USCIS has begun accepting provisional hardship waiver applications.  This is a significant development for many people that removes much of the risk from the existing process of trying to legalize their status.  In short, persons who entered the county unlawfully and...

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