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Immigration News

Court Decision Treats TPS Approval as Admission

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a new decision that significantly impacts TPS recipients.  USCIS has long held that the grant of Temporary Protected Status ("TPS") does not overcome an illegal entry into the United States for purposes of adjustment of...

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Senate to Take Up Reform Bill Mid-June

News reports have indicated that the full Senate will begin debate on S.744, the comprehensive immigration reform bill, the week of June 10.  The bill was passed out of the Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support.  Now all members of the Senate have the...

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Senate Reform Bill Passes First Test

The Senate Judiciary Committee closed debate on S.744, the comprehensive immigration reform bill, and voted to send the revised bill to the full Senate for consideration.  Passage by the committee was the first major test of the immigration reform effort.  Members of...

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DHS Begins Tracking Exit Data on Canadian Border

In a major development, the New York Times reported today that DHS will begin tracking departure data on the Canadian border. In collaboration with the Canadian government, biographic information contained on passports presented to Canadian border officials by persons...

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House “Gang” Works It Out

Members of the House of Representatives who have been working on a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill announced today that they had reached an "agreement in principle."  This is encouraging news as House Republicans yesterday threatened to back out of...

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Senate Gang Holds Together; House Gang Mulls Split

As the Senate Judiciary Committee proceeds with "mark-up" of the comprehensive immigration bill, the bipartisan "Gang of 8" who authored the bill has largely been able to preserve it through the first two rounds focusing on border security and non-immigrant visa...

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