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Immigration News

USCIS Approves Same-Sex Marriage Application

The New York Times has reported that a same-sex marriage application has been approved for a green card by USCIS in Florida, indicating that the agency is immediately implementing last week's Supreme Court decision finding DOMA unconstitutional.

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Senate Passes Immigration Reform Bill

The U.S. Senate today passed its version of a comprehensive immigration reform bill by a vote of 68-32. All 32 "no" votes came from Republicans. Today's vote now moves the center of attention to the Republican-majority House of Representatives which has been...

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DOMA Demise Opens Immigration Doors

Today's Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA") is significant in immigration law. DOMA prevented same-sex marriages from enjoying the same immigration benefits as heterosexual married couples. Although it may take some time for...

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Senate Votes to Proceed with Immigration Debate

The U.S. Senate voted today to proceed with debate on S.744, the comprehensive immigration bill.  The vote count was 82 - 15.  All 15 no votes were by Republican senators.  The vote will begin debate and a series of votes on various amendments to the current language...

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House Republicans Struggle With Changed Immigration Politics

As the Senate prepares to begin debate on the comprehensive immigration reform bill, House Republicans continue to struggle with the changed reality of immigration politics.  The Republican majority approved an amendment yesterday by restrictionist Steve King (R-IA)...

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